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Many years ago, on the west coast of Canada, lived Darren Goldin and Caryn Smith. Darren and Caryn were both very excited to purchase their very own drums. After a lengthy search frustration set in ... too expensive, too cheaply made, too hard to tune ... too bad, but maybe not. These were the beginnings of what is now one of the most innovative and respected drum companies today. Yes, we decided to build our own drums and a few more while we were at it. Who would have thought that years later Mountain Rythym would be shipping drums all over the world.

Originally our mission was to build high quality drums for a reasonable price, but there was still something missing in the world of hand percussion: "user friendliness". We asked ourselves why we should bother selling drums that were so difficult to keep tuned. This was a problem that needed to be solved. So we invented, and later patented, the "Simple Twist" tuning system. Thanks to the "Simple Twist" system, hand drums were no longer intimidating to beginners and could now be utilized by professionals in both live and studio settings. Great sounding, great looking drums for everyone, life was sweet. But still, something was missing...

In 1998 we relocated the business to Buckhorn, Ontario and Ryan Goldin joined Mountain Rythym. The missing link was found. We were very busy building drums and Ryan was just the guy needed to take charge of marketing and sales. The core elements of Mountain Rythym were now complete and we have continued to climb to the top of the percussion industry ever since.

Last but definitely not least was the addition of Riz, our shop foreman. We all know how difficult it is to find focused individuals that you can share your passion with, Riz and his talent for woodworking were the answers to our prayers.

Together we all strive to build the best possible drums we can and hope that anyone who invests in a Mountain Rythym drum is satisfied they have bought the best of the best. To all who have supported us in the past and in the future, thank you and let your Mountain Rythym shine.

Darren, Caryn, Ryan, and Riz


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